Article requirements

The deadline for the draft is one month before the next issue publish date. Delays are possible in some cases (e.g. report from an event that takes place after the deadline). Check the publish date in this group calendar or in the previous magazine’s issue.The article for the magazine can be written in English, Japanese or Polish. Final version will be published in English, so this language is preferred.The topic can be anything: strategy, history, interview, art, poem, etc. as long as it has a connection to the game of shogi.

The article must have clear distinction between introduction, middle and ending.Used notation is western notation with double numbers, example: P76 P34. Photos and diagrams should be sent separately from the article; diagrams preferably made in “Shogi Playground” online virtual board. If you can, adding a photo to the article is welcome, but it needs to be made by you or you need to obtain a permission from the author. Refer your eventual sources at the end of the article.

The authors will be asked to sign a permission for the magazine to use the article. Your article will go through proof-reading process, we will need your cooperation to correct the article. Whenever the final version article will be accepted and in which issue it will be published, depends solely on the Chief Editor.

Please remember to check the magazine’s copyright.

If you want to discuss your idea or share the draft, send it to the email of the Chief Editor, Karolina Styczynska: