Tourney-To Series

Season 7: registration open until February 4th!


Register on Discord #tt-series-registration channel. Remember to read rules and requirements on this page.

After you are accepted, you will get a new role and see tournament specific new channels.

Main tournament games are sponsored by Shogi Harbour.

Tourney To Queen teaching games are sponsored by Japan Shogi Association’s Joryu Kishi Kai (trans. Ladies Professionals Assembly).

Video tutorial on discord and tournament flow:

Changes compared to previous seasons:

  • added playoff rule in case there is ex aequo in TOP3 positions (e.g. two players have exactly same amount of points including tie-breakers); additional game needs to be played to resolve the situation
  • tournament number becomes the season number: e.g. in Season 7 it is TTS7, TTM7, etc. to avoid confusion.
  • best game of the tournament: you choose as community, Karo sensei comments on youtube channel.

Ideas in work:

  • possible live commentaries or / and weekly recap of games on twitch/youtube
  • possible discord pings for scheduled games (reminder bot?)

Introduction & Rules

Tourney To Series are tournaments organized by Shogi Harbour (Karolina Fortin, Ladies Shogi Professional).

Each tournament is for players of different skill sets from beginners to advanced players.

Each tournament consists of 9 rounds, played at pace of one game per week. That means one season of tournament takes around 2-3 months to complete.

All arrangements are done through Shogi Harbour’s Discord server, so it is necessary to have registered and email-confirmed account on Discord, and to accept discord rules.

In case of any additional questions contact server owner, Shogi Harbour (Discord tag: bushman#1911 or

Skill level of each tournament is:

  • TTJ or Tourney To Jouzu (transl. skillful) – players below 5 kyu
  • TTS or Tourney To Shodan (transl. 1 dan) – players from 5 kyu to below 1 dan
  • TTM or Tourney To Masters – players from 1 dan to below 4 dan
  • TTK or Tourney To King – players from 4 dan and above
  • TTQ or Tourney To Queen – only female players (a handicap tournament for all ratings)

Top (not current) 81dojo rating counts, excluding temporary rating set up with account creation. Other websites/real ratings can be considered – discuss details with organizer.

In case of any questions or problems feel free contact the organizer.


Professional games:

  • The winners of TTJ, TTS, TTM and TTK tournaments will have a chance to play a handicap game against a shogi professional, sponsored by Shogi Harbour.
  • TOP3 players of TTQueen will have a change to play a handicap game against ladies shogi professional players, sponsored by Ladies Professional “Assembly”.


  • TOP3 players of each tournament will receive a digital certificate with possibility of physical version (players need to pay for the shipment).


  • The winner of TTKing will receive a trophy and title of King on the server, until next season.
  • The winner of TTQueen will receive title of Queen on the server, until next season.
  • The winners of TTJ, TTS and TTK will receive TTSeries Winner role on the server, until next season.
  • Players who will play all 9 rounds in TTJ/TTS/TTM will be rewarded 81Dojo points, called D-Miles. (most likely 300 points)

Registration requirements:

  • The Tourney To Series tournaments are made to popularize shogi abroad Japan. Therefore for tournaments expect TTK and TTQ we require non-Japanese citizenship. For TTK and TTQ we allow Japanese citizenship, but only if they reside outside Japan.
  • For tournaments above TTJ you must have a registered 81dojo account at least 3 months old that has non-provisional rating. Exceptions can be made if you have a history of offline play or old account on another website.
  • If you have alternative accounts, input your highest rating. If have better rating on other website than 81dojo, discuss with organizer in private message about which tourney to join.
  • Data given at registration (nicknames, country, preferred days etc.) will be publicly visible in TTSeries timezones google sheet.
  • TTQ is a tournament reserved to female players. We notice there is disproportion in number of female players as to male players, so this tournament was made to encourage more female players to play shogi. In case of doubt the organizer reserves the right to confirm the gender of the participant (e.g. confirmed by recognized player, organization or by showing an ID)
  • In case of not meeting all of the requirements, the organized reserves the right to exclude the player out of the tournament and/or deny the rewards.

Detailed rules:

Tournament and games:

  • Tournament system for TTJ/TTS/TTM is Swiss system, 9 rounds. Winner is decided by Number of Wins and in case of draw, SOSW-1, then SOSOSW, followed by DC. (
  • TTK and TTQ system depends on number of players participating, ideally being played with the same system.
  • TTJ/TTS/TTM games are 15 min + 60 seconds byoyomi RATED played on 81dojo.
  • TTK games are 30 min + 60 seconds byoyomi NON-RATED; top two players will play additional 3-games title match to decide the title.
  • TTQ games are 15 min + 60 seconds byoyomi NON-RATED and have additional handicap setting, according to the handicap table.
  • We recommend strongly to do post-game discussion: after you finish the game, have a chat with your opponent about mistakes made in the game.

Arranging games:

  • Remember to check for any updates or discuss any issues on the official discord server. Especially if there is big red circle next to the channel – it means you have been pinged personally or as a member of tournament. Check discord often!
  • Each round game is required to be played within 7 days from pairing list being updated. We expect you to schedule the game on discord within first 2-3 days. We recommend to schedule game on discord match-arrangements, so we can see your contact attempts in case of dispute, but Direct Messages are acceptable. If a problem arises, contact the organizer and/or ask for an extension. Do not wait for the last moment, because you might lose a point for not being able to schedule before deadline.
  • Game schedule is to be published on channel #scheduled-games by one of the players.
  • Game result with game record URL is to be published on channel #results-and-urls by the winner. After game is finished there is a link in 81dojo lobby. Alternatively, you can access your past games through “my page” on 81dojo.
  • In case of BYE point (no opponent) the player will get free point and has option to play a practice game against “Stand-Bye Senpai” (a volunteer player from the server). The result of that game doesn’t impact the tournament.

Draws / Other issues :

  • Sennichite (repetition draw) is to be replayed with swapped colors. If both players entered byoyomi, game is to be replayed in 60 seconds byoyomi, unrated. Both games need to be posted on discord.
  • 15 minutes no show up to scheduled game is considered a default loss
  • Repeated extensions / no game scheduled / no show ups will result in 2 warnings followed by forced withdraw from the tournament
  • In case of ex aequo in TOP3 position, the players will be required to play playoffs.


  • You can withdraw from the tournament at any point you like – just notify us! At the same time we recommend playing all the games, because more than result we want to concentrate on the aspect of regular play in competitive environment that helps you improve your shogi. And you will get D-Miles for finishing all games.

Illegal assistance/ Cheating:

  • Using any type of shogi engine during the game / any external assistance to gain unfair advantage over your opponent (so called cheating) will result in withdraw from tournament and ban from server.

Pairings and results will be posted on this website under each tournament page in the main menu, with additional pings with direct links on the discord.

If you read all the rules, add your favorite Harry Potter spell at the end of your registration message.