Tourney To King 8

Season 8 started on September 4th, 2023, ended on November 7th, 2023. Played 9 rounds.

Congratulations Linken and Lighttodie! You will be playing 3 games of title match. Please schedule it on discord and post in the schedule channel! First game furigoma, second opposite, third furigoma. May the best one win!

Final standings

(final table from the program)

(round robin table)

[generated program table is not showing correctly – need to fix it next season]

dan_1234 dan_1234(3D) -> two warnings for round 7 and 8

iongrey muse(5D) -> one warning for round 8

Useful links:

Pairings round 9

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1asadis asadis(4D)iongrey muse(5D)0 – 1link
2Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)1 – 0link
3Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)1 – 0link
4chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)koshiro koshirohama(6D)1 – 0link
5dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)0 – 1link

Round 8 results

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1iongrey muse(5D)dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)0 – 0not played
2koshiro koshirohama(6D)Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)1 – 0link
3Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)0 – 1link
4Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)0 – 1link
5asadis asadis(4D)Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)0 – 1link

Round 7 results

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)iongrey muse(5D)1 – 0link
2asadis asadis(4D)Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)0 – 1link
3chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)1 – 0link
4Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)0 – 1link
5koshiro koshirohama(6D)dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)1 – 0not played

Round 6 results

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1iongrey muse(5D)koshiro koshirohama(6D)1 – 0link
2dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)0 – 1link
3Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)1 – 0link
4chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)asadis asadis(4D)1 – 0link
5Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)0 – 1link

Round 5 results

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)iongrey muse(5D)1 – 0link
2Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)1 – 0link
3Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)asadis asadis(4D)1 – 0link
4Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)1 – 0link
5Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)koshiro koshirohama(6D)0 – 1link

Round 4 results

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)iongrey muse(5D)0 – 1link
2koshiro koshirohama(6D)Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)1 – 0link
3dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)asadis asadis(4D)0 – 1link
4Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)0 – 1link
5chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)0 – 1link

Round 3 results

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1iongrey muse(5D)chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)0 – 1link
2Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)0 – 1link
3Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)1 – 0link
4koshiro koshirohama(6D)asadis asadis(4D)1 – 0link
5Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)0 – 1link

Round 2 results

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)iongrey muse(5D)0 – 1link
2asadis asadis(4D)Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)0 – 1link
3Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)koshiro koshirohama(6D)1 – 0link
4dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)0 – 1link
5Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)0 – 1link

Round 1 results

Table NrPlayer 1Player 2ResultURL
1iongrey muse(5D)Tellmarch tellmarch.(5D)1 – 0link
2chocowei Myarisuchan(4D)dan_1234 dan_1234(3D)1 – 0link
3koshiro koshirohama(6D)Xpl0s1on Lighttodie(4D)0 – 1link
4Melkor256 Melkor256(4D)Linken_Skywalker Linke(4D)1 – 0link
5asadis asadis(4D)Lilylionmane Lilylionm(3D)0 – 1link

Player list