Useful links

For more useful resources check our discord server with #shogi-resources channel.

Websites for playing shogi:

81dojo – international shogi server

Shogi Club 24 – biggest shogi server (English version in top right corner)

PlayOK – server with many types of games, including shogi

Play Shogi – interesting puzzles and opening explorer, playing against computer

Lishogi – new shogi server based on lichess code

Littlegolem – correspondence shogi

Brainking – correspondence shogi

Interesting shogi blogs:

Shogi Is My Life – blog of Karolina Styczynska

ShogiFan – blog of Diego Gonzalez

Dengeki Shadow – Shogi in Spanish, result of cooperation of Spanish speaking countries like Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and Spain. Containing some other blog’s posts translated to Spanish.

Shogi Philosophy – blog of Norikatsu

Ryou’s Shogi World – blog of Ryou Takehito

Shogi En Espanol – blog of Jonatan Ruiz (Spanish)

Polish websites:

Pzshogi – webpage of the Polish Shogi Association

Shogi in Wroclaw – website about Shogi in city of Wroclaw

English websites:

FESA – Webpage of the Federation of European Shogi Associations

Shogi Hub – Webpage containing compact infomation about shogi world

Shogi Planet – in-developement webpage with shogi materials in English

Japanese webpages:

Nihon Shogi Renmei – official webpage of Japanese Shogi Association

Facebook groups/webpages that you can join by fb search:

Shogi Polska

Shogi Poland

Shogi World News

International Shogi Magazine

日本将棋連盟 – official Japanese Shogi Association webpage (daily uploads)

Shogi Mania

Shogi Planet


Shogi Bot – you can play shogi on facebook using this one!

…and other local shogi association groups and webpages.

Shogi tools:

Shogi Playground – multiuse tool: creation of shogi diagrams and kifu with possibility of sharing online or analyzing your own game.

Diagrams Generator – Shogi France

Exercises – Belgium Shogi Federation